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Life Insurance - We offer you access to a range of life insurance products that can provide protection for you and your family. We'll work with you to determine your needs and help you decide which product is best for you:

Disability Insurance - Accidents and illnesses are unfortunate facts of life. Disability insurance coverage is designed to help protect your most valuable asset — your ability to earn an income, which can be jeopardized if tragedy strikes.
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Critical Illness Insurance - can offer you with a one-time lump-sum benefit to help cover additional expenses often associated with a critical condition such as:

  • Timely treatment outside Canada.
  • Nursing or domestic help.
  • A recovery vacation or modifications to a home or office.
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Health & Dental Insurance - Ensuring that your family's health care needs are met today and in the future is probably foremost on your mind. However, putting a plan into place to make that happen isn't always easy.

We offer a health and dental benefit plan designed for individuals and families who are looking for enhanced health care protection for expenses not covered by your provincial health plan.

If you are interested in our Personal Insurance Solutions, please contact one of our Financial Security Advisors.

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